September 08-14, 2021
Erice, Sicily, ITALY

Workshop Organizers

Conference goals

Claudio Carere (Università della Tuscia, Viterbo, Italy)
Dario Maestripieri (The University of Chicago, Chicago,USA)

Purpose of the Workshop

Conference goals

Although the concept of personality has a long history, dating back at least to the ancient Greeks’ classification of human personality types, its importance in the evolution of the mind and behavior has been recognized and addressed only in the past couple of decades. The evolutionary study of personality in both animals and humans is now a vibrant area of research in which a wide range of individual differences are studied from both proximate and ultimate perspectives. Yet questions such as the evolutionary maintenance of personality variation, the active role of personality in promoting evolutionary change, and the role of phenotypic plasticity still remain open and under investigation. The main purpose of this workshop is to encourage the application of a unified evolutionary framework to the study of animal and human personality, two fields that have progressed in parallel so far, without active cross-fertilization. We aim to provide an overview of recent advances and new directions in animal and human personality research, bringing together internationally renowned experts with similar interests but complementary perspectives in order to stimulate an exchange of ideas and foster research collaboration.

Workshop Topics

Conference goals

  • - Ecology of individual differences
  • - Personality and life-history
  • - Evolutionary genetics of personality
  • - Early life determinants of personality
  • - Personality and plasticity
  • - Personality and spatial dynamics
  • - Evolutionary psychology of personality

Speakers & Topics

Alison M. Bell

Personality in sticklebacks

Daniele Canestrelli & Claudio Carere

Personality and biogeography

Melanie Dammhahn

Ecological consequences of individual differences

Niels J Dingemanse

Adaptive animal personality variation: evidence for studies of natural and sexual selection

J. Sarah E Hill

Early life stress, health, and individual differences: biological mediators of life history tradeoffs

Debra Lieberman

Indices of social leverage predict individual differences in gratitude

Hanne Løvlie

Causes and consequence of fowl personality

Aaron Lukaszewski

An adaptationist framework for personality science

Lars Penke

The evolutionary genetics of personality and intelligence

Franz J (Franjo) Weissing

The joint evolution of plasticity and personality