Accommodation and Facilities

Usually our guests are housed in the dormitory of the old monasteries (San Francesco, San Domenico, San Rocco). Our staff will do their best to make your stay enjoyable. Each room may host 1 or 2 beds. All rooms have private bathrooms and showers. Young participants, if possible, may be kindly requested to share rooms. Please send information to this regard to Amelie Soumier

It is a deliberate policy of the EMFCSC to help the local economy. The expansion of our living quarters has been accordingly tuned: thus often it happens that participants are also lodged in hotels, either because a course is too numerous or because there are parallel activities encouraged in order to establish interdisciplinary links. Young participants may be kindly requested to share rooms.

There is a "coffee room" in the I.I. Rabi Institute (in the back of the courtyard on the right‑hand side under the staircase) where coffee, tea, mineral water and snacks are available (free) at any time. This "coffee room" is also used for breakfast.

There is a "piano room" (the small central room under the arches at the back of the courtyard at the I.I. Rabi Institute) with a keg of Marsala wine (free). This "piano room" can also be used for working parties. The "piano room" must be closed before midnight.

The Centre has two washing machines and two dryers for use by the participants (at the rear of the courtyard at the I.I. Rabi Institute).

The computer room is located off the left‑hand side of the I.I. Rabi courtyard.

Arrival and Departure

Participants must communicate their arrival and departure times and flight numbers well in advance before their arrival to Amelie Soumier . As mentioned in previous email and on the website, on the official arrival day (May22), transportation from Palermo and Trapani airports to Erice will be provided by the Ettore Majorana Centre (this is included in your fees). Outside these dates no service will be provided. You should found your own arrangements to reach the centre. Participants arriving at airport should look for the driver holding a sign “Ettore Majorana Centre” inside the terminal at the arrival gate. The driver will be waiting for you. Please, keep in mind that there could be hourly collection depending on the arrival schedule of several participants. This means that you could wait some times until other participants will arrive with their flights at approximately the same time. Delays are hard to anticipate and therefore it is possible for some participants to experience some significant delays before the driver will leave the airport for the centre. Drivers are continuously running the shuttles and therefore do not be anxious if you do not see the driver at the arrival gate (he could be on his way to pick you up!)


Participants should register upon arrival at the Centre Secretariat (Rabi Institute in San Rocco). Once the driver has guided you to San Rocco, you must enter the secretary office and fill up your registration form with your information (including passport number and flights information). The secretary will release you a number or code on a paper sheet that will be the information corresponding to your room number. Another member of the personnel of the centre will collect this information and bring you to your accommodation together with other participants that are hosted in the same building. This procedure may take several minutes depending on how many participants will arrive at the same moment with the shuttles.

Welcome Gathering

On May 22, after dinner, at 9:00-9:30 pm we will meet at the “piano room” of the Rabi Institute (see information below) for an informal welcome party. Basically, there will be plenty of Marsala wine and some delicious sweets from Sicily. You are free to join and enjoy.

Departure (May 27)

The day before the departure (May 26) at the entrance hall of the Rabi Institute (San Rocco) there will be an information sheet indicating the time of your pick up the following day. The pick up point is at the entrance of the Rabi Institute or at the entrance of your assigned residence/accommodation. The driver will come to pick you up and you will follow him to the shuttle parking lot.

Lunch and Dinner

A selected list of recommended restaurants is displayed in the entrance hall of the I.I. Rabi Institute. The closing day of each restaurant is given in the list.

The restaurant owner will ask the participants to sign a form where the appropriate activity is indicated (Course, Seminar etc.) in order to keep a record. Please sign legibly; accompanying members must sign too.

Please wear your badge.

Excursions and Social Events

There is no charge for the social events or any excursion programmed by the Centre to the archeological sites. For the excursion, the bus pick‑up/drop‑off point will be the large parking area at Viale Pepoli (Porta Trapani). Participants will require to pay the tickets only to access the archeological sites.